Get to know me


Get to know me

I go to school to pursuit my dream

I am a student that is on a one man team

I have priorities

But which one do I put first

When I feel like crying into an out burst

The teacher don’t know who I am

I just want them to come to me and understand

BAM BAM That’s the distraction in my head that’s similar to a band

I am a first generation Hispanic male going to college

Trying to consume all this knowledge

Get to know me because all I do doesn’t involve classes

I have to work hard for money to get a cheap pair of glasses

Teacher gets to know me just for a few

I want you to understand my life and where I’m coming from too

Put your teacher’s hat away listen to what I have to say

So I can tell you everything I go through in one day

I work just to support my mom

Because I don’t seem to know when she’s going to be gone

I try my best to pay attention in class

But every decision I make is fragile like glass

Get to know me professor that all I ask

Take off your teacher’s hat

Just listen to what I have to say, that’s not a hard task

-Felix Torres

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