Get Real! Zionist Kharzarian, bogus Semitic, biblical Jews don’t do DNA tests.


By Stanley Collymore


I’m a Semite because I say I am! No genetic proof or any DNA

testing analysis have I, however, to categorically substantiate

or in any way corroborate this assertive claim which I’m

making and quite rightly and proper, in my view, that

unsubstantiated assertion I keep on sustaining, or

will I ever yield to any; because I’m a Zionist,

European and a Semitic Jew you see and as

a representative of God’s chosen people there’s definitely

no need therefore or any requirement for me, in such

circumstances, to furnish any such corroboration.

Furthermore, I’m likewise fully equipped from

birth and aided through cultural instruction,

because of who I am and the privileged

position that’s fittingly conferred on

me with all the crucial obligations

relevant to my being undeniably

a genuine European, Semitic

and Zionist Jew to forever

and unfeelingly act as I

personally elect to do.


And among the overabundance of marvellous, critical and

distinguishing qualities which I and my kind fortunately

possess are the dexterous virtuosities of malevolent

deception and heartless warmongering, although

we’re most rigorous in our sedulous cunnings

and conscientious arrangements as regards

the latter occurrences to often guarantee

that inside our ingenious gambits and collaboratively

calculated deceptions – unlimited and purposeful

dishonesty on our part to you and me - it’s the

demonstrably mindless, expressively poorly

instructed, contemptable and intellectually

challenged and the regularly entrapped,

European holocaust guilt-ridden and

the injudicious morons of the white

western countries and their easily

bought, sold, graspingly greedy

and disreputable leaders who

stage-manage them that we

Zionists procure to do our

intended fighting for us.


Except, and quite naturally of course, when it applies

to the Palestinians. In which case, in our typically

accepted, Nazi Zionist and European Semitic,

genocidal, ethnic cleansing and hardnosed

sniper-killing, terroristic-eagerness our

decidedly murderous inclinations are

straightforwardly concentrated on

the Palestinians and specifically

their young and predominantly underage children. An

expected pass, consistently devoid of disapproval,

condemnation or any opprobrium meted out to

us by our concurring western bloc countries

leaders chiefly in Rogue State USA – my

apologetic rectification, the potent USA,

Australia, Canada, duplicitous Russia

from where several of our Yidland

Zionist emigres commonly come

from, in addition to delusional,

correspondingly colonialist,

exceptionally obsequious

and pretentious Britain.


And isn’t it especially heart-warming and personally

rewarding to know that all of this is substantially

cultivated, hugely successfully, competently

and enormously commercially carried out

against the inestimable and absolutely

recompensing environment of our

fashionable European holocaust scam and by people

who in essence – and upfront DNA analysis will

swiftly prove this - aren’t in the least Semitic

or by any means genealogically Jewish like

we inventively, blatantly and extremely

lyingly declare that we are, but are in

all genuineness nowt more or less

than bogus, Zionist Kharzarian

Ashkenazi religious phonies

and cultural appropriators

in every imaginable way.


© Stanley V. Collymore

11 May 2018.



Author’s Remarks:

Tell a lie regularly, barefacedly and loudly enough, it’s boastfully and assertively claimed by those who indulge in such sickening and nefarious practices, and ultimately it will unquestionably be fully accepted and definitely regarded as the truth not only by the ill-formed and puerile dimwits to whom it’s calculatedly dispensed but equally so the comprehensively malevolent, illogically psychopathic and the pathologically lying prats who conceived and promulgated the lie in the first place. A rather pernicious art form which is deeply engrained among the Kharzarian Ashkenazi, Yiddish European, irredeemably Zionist and completely bogus Semitic communities across mainland Europe, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Rogue State USA, Yidland, of course, and their other western bloc vassal state entities.


And when additionally, as is distinctly obvious in their case, these Zionist and bogus Semites have complete control of global propagandistic instruments like the Hollywood film industry which they assiduously employ for their thoroughly self-centred and patently egotistical advantage, steadfastly conjoined with their accumulative control too over the vast majority of the distinctly white, western bloc countries pathetically so-called mainstream media that wholeheartedly sanctions and staunchly reinforces their sick, premeditated and lying propaganda and, additionally, on top of all of that there are the substantially lavish sums of money - unsurprisingly so as after all money is their God – that are substantially used to remorselessly push and consolidate their heinous subterfuges, as well as to gleefully and manipulatively influence and dominate a piss-poorly informed, entirely dumbed-down educationally and predictably an intellectually challenged and largely white western public, it’s not rocket science to logically determine why these Kharzarian Ashkenazi, primarily Eastern European and Russian bogus Semitic Yids, despite their tiny demographic presence in the countries that they infest, nevertheless do disproportionately exert the influence that they do.


And how beneficial it undoubtedly would be, in the not too distant future, if a united Global South and completely disinclined to the discernible squeamishness that the Third Reich displayed during World War II that his time around there was a genuinely concerted eradication programme which - Auschwitz, Dachau and Bergen-Belsen style - efficiently disposed of each and every single one of these comprehensively barbaric, ethnic-cleansing, genocidal-fixated against the Palestinian people, state apartheid, terroristic, mass murdering and lowlife scum.


This is the 21st Century and unquestionably we are living in an era of highly sophisticated scientific explorations, technological developments and multiple in-depth analytical solutions to man’s diverse interests and problems. All of which can and do definitively compartmentalize in graphically explicit form and without as was commonplace in the past the need for guesswork, the minutest investigative details of anything that’s seriously up for particularized scrutiny, irrespective of whether that topical subject matter - be it animate, inanimate, distinctly new or dinosaurian dated -  is up for review.


And in this manifestly impartial and rather state-of-the art scrutinizing and analytical process one can accordingly quite effortlessly DNA construe and comprehensively discern whatever it is they want to informatively know about except, of course, when that specific knowledge quest relates to Kharzarian Ashkenazi, Zionist and distinctly fraudulent “Semitic Jews" that one is dealing with. In which case all such impartial scientific accreditations and objective DNA analyses relating to these same Kharzarian Ashkenazi and fraudulently claimed Zionist “Semites” and in turn backed up by their myriad, readily bought and paid for, overwhelmingly western bloc countries, and their political stooges immediately become null and void.


And it’s certainly not rocket science to cleverly work out why this is so. For why would practised and perennial, financial fraudsters and fraudulent Semites in the bargain who have culturally appropriated another people’s culture – and most particularly that of the Palestinians who are the real Semites want to compliantly and knowingly embarrassingly too quite voluntarily subject themselves to the types of methodical scientific and scrutinizing DNA investigations that in an instant would clearly show them up for the repellent and fraudulent liars that they manifestly are?



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