get rid of this voice another way.

You want to commit suicide go ahead, be my guest.

But before you do, wait and listen

No one will miss you.

No one will even notice you’re gone.

So pick up that knife, or have 28 pills ready in your hands, or get that chair or rope ready.

I am the voice wanting you to do this, wanting you to feel unwanted, feel like to get rid of me; you have to get rid of yourself, right?

I’m the voice who eats away at the potentially weak people. I make you degrade yourself to nothing.

I’m the voice who told you to stick two fingers down your throat because you’re too fat

I’m the voice who tells you as soon as you get home you better pick up that blade

I’m the voice who tells you to cry at night because you’re worthless

I’m the voice who tells you that if you go out there those people are going to talk about you

You may not realise it but am the only one you can trust.

The only one who won’t backstab.

The only one who knows you.

The only one who cares about you.

So why do you want to get rid of me?

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