Get Used To It

You scream and you shout.

No one's answering and you ask "Why?" 

This world is cruel. 

Get used to it. 


When I was younger.

I thought about how things could be different. 

If I were thinner.

If I didn't wear glasses. 

I got used to it.


Now that I'm older.

I realize the world is cruel.

There are few people who will be candid with you. 

I'm not used to it.


This world could be so much better.

If only the people were nicer.

It costs nothing to be nice.

That's something we should get used to.


Be nice to each other.

For one day you'll see;

That one day we'll need one another, 

To get back up to speed. 


This is something we need to know.

Something to get used to.

Something to hear.

Something to know.


The world is so cruel.

Unfortunately, we're all used to it.



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