A Gift of Faith!


A Gift of Faith

A cry, a tear, a whisper in ones ear. Can one only imagine the emptiness without the faith that fills inside?

Many people lose faith, therefore faith is lost, yet is it really lost, or just waiting to be found?

A world with no faith is a world with doubt and despair.  Full of stress, full of emptiness. What’s really there?

If there is one thing that could be fixed, one thing could fix it all.

Give faith to the world, not just a single person, not just minority groups.

Give faith to the world as a whole. If faith were to fill the world, if faith would no longer hide, people with many doubts and people with falling tears, the cry’s that scream aloud, and the heartache that fills the air.

With faith all that, would have reason to just disappear.

As read in a popular book, a book that speaks the truth,

“For God so loved the WORLD. He gave his ONLY begotten son, that whosoever BELIEVE in him, shall NOT PERISH but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

One who follows in faith and one who speaks the truth, the world as a Whole, not just a single person, or what’s known as a minority group the world as a whole could be changed with the slightest or the fullest, Gift of Faith.

Bring faith the world, it can change it all.

Moments of doubt - Let faith be there.

Moments full of loneliness - Let faith be there.

Time of heartache – Let faith be there.

If there is one thing I would change, to change the world, it would be the factor of, hidden faith.

The fear of letting it out.

Let faith be there.

I would give faith to the world and the opportunity would be given to all.




By: Jackie Luther


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