The Girl

Youre the girl who goes through 

take the punches and roll with 'em by nature 

You're the girl who laughs at the pain and tries to make drinking water out of rain because instead of sunshine you got pain

Youre the girl who down plays your hurt 

say you deal with it and its okay but do you ever do? 

Youre the girl who keeps every one guessing whats going on in your head

but theres no point in explaining it because theyll never understand

Youre the girl who's tamed, 

never been wild and when told you stayed because youve seen what'd happen if you strayed

Youre the girl with all the questions 

how do I deal with this? how do I handle this?someone please tell me what do I do?

Youre the girl who never wanted to get hurt

but when you did, you never wanted to feel that way again

Youre the girl who pushes her way through and gets stronger every time 

Youre the girl who questions even the doubt for herself, her beauty and her self worth

Youre the girl who everyone sees something in 

but you dont see what they see because you need the proof 

Youre the girl who's always meant good but sometimes don't get it quite right 

Youre the girl I see in me and I'm the girl you've seen in you 


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