How are you tonight? 

A shield made of dark brown hair

You tremble, turning away

Are you cold?



You've stopped talking

The light from your eyes has faded 

You still smile

Are you in pain?

Masks are your favorite accessory

But it's not October



I see you've been writing

Your expression is lighter

You look so content, pencil in hand

What is contained in that notebook?



I'm sorry

I looked in your notebook

Tears rolled down my cheeks

Why did you try to kill yourself?

I didn't even know



You laughed today

Tears streamed down your face as you clutched your stomach

I couldn't help but join in

The joke wasn't even that funny



You have more friends

I hear you've talked with your family

I don't see that notebook much anymore

Are you happy? 



I've bought my own notebook

Please don't look so worried

I don't do it often

Remember when I looked in your notebook?

I understand now



You read me one of your poems today

I didn't know I meant that much to you

You shouldn't call me your savior



Do you still remember? When the world was turning dark?

I'm glad you didn't fall

I would have caught you anyway



I let someone read my notebook today

They hugged me

I told them about you

About how much you mean to me

They call you my saviour

I think they're right



I wrote today

About a girl I knew

A girl who was my light

A girl who's seen the darkness



My face aches

Is it possible to smile too much?

You would probably laugh and say no



How are you tonight?

You're not wielding a shield

Though you tremble, trying to contain your laughter

I'm glad it's not cold out

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



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