To the Girl With the Coke Bottle Figure


To the girl with the coke bottle figure:
Everyone gets dehydrated sometimes
They are thirsty, parched, dry, crunching bones
creaking out for just a sip of you
Remember that when you try to hide yourself in a coke can
The coke man changing into Coke Zero
See, honey?
They made your pant size, too
Best believe, they're loving
Loving your legs
Answering their questions of what time do they open
By just looking down, they never close
24 hours of thigh gap galore
Exposing your bowlegged knees
Stacking up to your cakecakecakecake
The slender curve of the scholosis dip 
As you lay down, the bed as your chips
Imaginary wings jutting out from your shoulder blades
Razor sharp edges of your collarbone that rampages,
"I will cut you."


To the girl with the coke bottled figure:
Remember that there will always be Pepsis's and Dr. Peppers,
but there will always be Coca Colas
Remember that Diet Coke came after the original
Remember that when the man off the street shouted that you looked tasty,
he had no idea
Now it may take some force before you hear the pop,
But once that coke bottle has been opened,
there's no going back
The ingridient list of your contents can only give you a rough estimate of what's inside you
Thick of the sweet gleaming glucose
Your salty attitude seeping into sodium levels
Carbonating bubbles into your chest whenever you meet someone new
Fizzing out when it all seems natural again,
Gas omitting like a methane leak


To the girl with coke bottle figure:
Now your vessel may be inviting, it's the taste that keeps them coming back


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