The Girl That Reminded Her of Fall

A small sigh escapes my lips.

A wisp of steam curling upwards from my hot drink

Memories of autumn were all around  The crispy orange leaves falling to the ground  The sun's light breaking through the sky My hair blows as I looked besides me Remembering my old talks with my friend A good friend that was always there for me She was the girl I would tell all my secrets to She was the girl I would tell my crushes to She was the girl that made me smile when I was crying She was the girl That was gone. She moved to the only place the clouds billow and shift Where only she would see the stars up close and touch it As if they were diamonds on display She moved somewhere it's always sunny all the time A place where time is not a factor And sickness could not kill her Where she will be eternally happy Leaving with only a goodbye and a smile She was the girl I never saw again I could hear her laughter that was as satisfying as crunchy leaves I could see her smile that was as warm as the sun  But I couldn't feel her warmth as we embraced.  The sunlight become a blur along with the orange blots of leaves My cheeks were stained with tears And my coffee grew cold Cold like the transition to winter


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