Girls Night

Boys won’t be allowed

I want us to party

Let us drink

Let us smoke

We can drink as good as the boys

We can smoke as much as the boys

We are girls

There will be tears tonight

But joy


You still think girls are as sweet as chocolate?

Baby, we get as high of the dopamine

We snuck out last night

Went to the top of a bridge and sat

Played truth or dare

She was dared to lift her top and flash the cars

After her

We all did it

This is what makes us the sweet girls

But don’t cry

You get the





If you try to follow us

We will tie you to the tree till the morning

This is Girl’s Night

Do not test us girls

We are sweet

But vicious

Tonight is the night to break free

Just the girls

Tonight we ditch the fake

Tonight we are all prom queens

Tonight we shout at the roof what we hate

What we fear

What we want

Our true desires

If you come near

It won’t be pretty

Tonight we are going to pretend the night is infinity

We will be ourselves

Nevermore the dolls that the boys see

Tonight we rant about the boys in our homeroom

Tonight we giggle about the men

At our jobs,

At the mall

At school

Tonight we dream

Tonight we test our desires

Going skinny dipping in the neighbor's pool

While they are out of town

Because tonight is our night

We cry over our eating disorders

While munching on rocky road and angel cake

We cry over our daddy issues

While fantasizing about the men old enough to be our fathers

We laugh over what the cheer captain said about us

While hurting inside about it

This is Girls Night

We rejoice when pizza arrives

We giggle at the way the pizza girl looks at our friend

They exchange numbers

We all tease about the first date

This Girls Night

Is pizza, confessions and more

But little do the boys know

In my room are a cheerleader,

A band geek,

An orchestra dork,

A bookworm,

A vlogger,

And all the diversity

This Girls Night

Is makeovers

Pretending to be a cheerleader,

A band geek,

An orchestra dork,

A bookworm,

And anyone we want

This is what makes us girls





But not everything nice

Tonight we cry

Tonight we laugh

Tonight we dream

Tonight we have adventures

Tonight we forget the boys

Tonight we enjoy ourselves

Tonight we aren’t just the pretty girls

Tonight we aren’t just the nerds

Tonight we are ourselves

Tonight we ignore society

Because this is Girls Night

Boy aren’t allowed


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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