A Glimpse of Nature: Feel Nature's Kiss

Way back in the day when the world was clean

When air was fresh and the grass was green

When in the middle of sky, colourful birds can be seen

What a lovely paradise I've ever been


In the dawn you can hear the howl of wolves in the mountains beyond

We would wake up in the morning hearing the chirp of birds in the wondrous land

When the sun shines so bright, we in the shore holding each other's hand

Under the sun we were so happy like we used to cuddle and run while in the sand



When gloomy night comes, we would lie on the ground

Where grape hyacinths, daffodils and lavenders abound

Fall asleep in your arms and softly  hearing voice like so sweet sound

You smelled like a rose, it must be love that I've found


The sky, oh the sky, the brightest blue sky I've ever seen

And the tress, the most wonderful and greenest of green

A soft fragrant breeze tantalizing my nose

The smell of Earth like a smell of a rose


Slight wind, yet cool warm air

In the mid-day the sun is fair

We enjoy the breeze and chill of air

Bright sun with such a magical fair


Stop and gaze at the grey-filled blue sky

As you watch the wonderful  clouds slowly passing by

Deep breathe and think then you'll remember about love you must try

Then you'll get shocked when you open your eyes suddenly it turn into a dark sky


The smooth bed of snow

The frost covering the window

Let us go out and don't mind our sorrow

Get up, keep calm and enjoy the nature's view

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