God's Perfect Imperfection


God's Perfect Imperfection

I'm different.

My body emanates with its own scent

My hair is long and the ends are split

There's a scar on my hand where a softball once hit

My smile is not straight

It's one thing I really hate

I have only one dimple

And more than one pimple

My nails are chipped

And there's a scar on my foot where a dog once nipped

My bones poke through my skin

I'm always told I'm "too thin"

My ears poke through my hair

 Maybe that's why people stare

My lips are chapped and my face is bare

I guess my nose is somewhat long

To others, my appearence seems to be all wrong

I'm not like other girls, I eat lots of meat

And dance, even with two left feet

Oh, and I like outdoors

And sing in every store

I even like to face my fears

Did I mention I'm satisfied when I look in mirrors?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So keep a strong head on your shoulders"

That is what I was always told

So I post a photo 

Because there is a face I would like to show

It's different, something I want everyone to see

It's a beauty that God made just for me

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