As I looked at that boy with glasses, sitting in every one of my advanced classes 

I saw passion, that would put him on every billboard and magazine caption

Passion that would work the fastest with courage and practice 

For me it was different

I was taught to not care, that the world wasn't fair

That there was so much destruction, even at home there was corruption 

But as I saw that boy with glasses I asked "Where's my passion?"

Passion that would last me a millennia, not from being on Facebook or Snapchat media's

I wanted to leave in fashion, leaving a little more compassion for the people living in ruins and ashes

That was the dream I was after

But I was content letting that boy with glasses serve his on a silver platter, filling the world with smiles and laughter 

That was a dream to behold

I could tell every minute he'll be given was gonna be gold



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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