Goldilocks: Everyone Deserves Glee

An exasperated sigh
Escaped from her lips
As she fidgeted
Clammy fingertips.

'Apothecary Den-Owned by Three Bears'
The sign in front read
And she faked a small smile
To hide her internal dread.

The sign said closed
Yet the door was ajar
So she stepped right in
Hoping to find comfort from Mr. Medicine.

A line of pills
Stacked on show
She tried the first called Lexapro
Her mouth felt dry
Heart began to race
Maybe Paxil is better for the case.

Her hands trembled
Sight started to lack
So she gobbled down a Prozac.

Goldilocks felt glee
The weight on her heart now light
Some pills aren't for all
But this was just right.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world