you count yourself unholy,,
Sometimes you feel unworthy.,
His goodness and his blessings.,
You're sure you don't deserve it.

Because of your wrong doings
...and the many sins you live in.
You went Scot free with all these,
Because he bore your suffering.

His Grace is never ending,
They're renewed every morning.,
His love is everlasting,
It lasts all through the ages.

All through your earthly journey,
He's there to keep you company.
When all your friends are leaving,
He sure will not forsake thee.

Those times when you were drowning, falling or deeply sinking,
His arms are always reaching
To hold and draw you near Him.

His Grace is why you're standing,
His Grace is why you're living.,
This Grace's the only reason,
You made it out of that pit.

Where many couldn't make it,
You went and came with victory.
He's not asking you to pay Him,
He just want to take the glory.

You won when men are loosing,
And passed when they are failing.
Your mates are dieing daily,
Yet you're growing and upgrading

How often do you praise Him?
How fervent are you praying?
Are you sure you even know Him?
Or you serve Him just for money.

You crave for healthy living.
You strive to become wealthy.
And because of earthly blessings,
You render perjured service.

Dear friend you cannot pay Him,
Nor bribe Him with your service.
He loved the ones who nailed Him,
He died for all sundry.

Grace is what you do not merit.
Grace is for the undeserving.
It's a gift from Divinity.,
To all race and Humanity.



Emmanuel Momoh
© 2019

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Our world


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