The Grave


Do you know what its like to be alone?
To go through a cold world on your own
To be knocked down at every turn you make
Having all the love inside of you turn to hate
To have to face the darkness all by yourself
Living in a place equivalent to hell
With every day passing living gets short
So you turn to drugs and drinking as a last resort
No one cares about you so you fallen
In a big black hole forever to be forgotten
Its when you die that they care
When they cry and want you there
An you scream in your grave
Because you know its all fake
An upon hearing their cries you just want them to shut the fuck up and die
How can they sit there and talk about you
They don't know shit
They still think of you as a happy little kid
They should be in the grave
Reliving their mistakes
Living the pain they cause you everyday
Wandering a cold empty world by themselves
Everybodys staring but nobody wants to help
They all look away
Cant look at what their harsh words an acts had create
They pushed you until you went away
But now your gone
And they want you back
But you don't want to live that cold life you had
So you stay in your grave
Six feet under and still going until you get far away


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