The Great Experiment

America the brave

Stands proud and tall,,

From sea to shining sea

We can get through it all,


When they first came

It was all just a dream,

A hope to start anew,

In a land that many did not believe,


But yet, they persevered

Through hardship and crisis,

The union stood affirmed

Through all events of malice


In this country’s lifetime,

We have seen it all,

From wars to depressions,

And even from our own capitol.


Yes, we are not perfect,

To be honest, we’re far from that sea

This country was always a mess

But because we are still experimenting


You see, experiments dont always go as planned

You will always make mistakes

You will try and try again,

And still be improving all the time


This country is a living, breathing experiment,

We are always making it better

As time goes by, day to day,

A new result will show


So why do you think,

From 2016 and above,

Would anyone say,

That this country was never great at all?


Because to be honest,

We were never great from the start

We are a big, Great experiment

That’ll keep on going way far


The question is: How far are we willing to go?

This poem is about: 
My country
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Juan Cortes

Just something that I decided to write about the current situation that the US is living involving uncertainty. I hope to remind people that America wasnt already perfect, because we were never perfect to begin with.

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