With Great Power

With great joy; comes the great spirit of uninhibited sharing,

With great strength; comes the great virtue of fighting the treacherously evil,

With great height; comes the great deed of escalating traumatized mankind to the ultimate summit,

With great speed; comes the great act of carrying the profoundly maimed,

With great sight; comes the great perception of becoming the eyes in perilously sinister darkness,

With great voice; comes the great feeling of speaking for the irrevocably dumb,

With great complexion; comes the great fortitude of harboring the hideously distorted,

With great destiny; comes the great character to profusely illuminate the lives of helpless orphans,

With great heart; comes the great passion of bonding immortal souls; separated by the lecherously satanic society,

With great wealth; comes the great act of donating philanthropically to
God's suffering living kind,

With great knowledge; comes the great justice of disseminating it sagaciously
amongst brutally deprived personalities,

With great fragrance; comes the great chivalry of diffusing it to all those corners; pathetically dwindling towards obnoxious extinction,

With great enthusiasm; comes the great ardor to impregnate the same; in those mourning towards clouds of desperation,

With great innocence; comes the great inspiration of metamorphosing this manipulative planet; into an immaculate child,

With great breath; comes the great vitality to instill life in despondently solitary entities slithering towards their graves,

With great artistry; comes the great essence of propagating mesmerizing beauty on this globe; to people thoroughly oblivious about chapters of mystical existence,

With great brain; comes the great idea of making the fathomless Universe; a better place to live in,

With great fire; comes the great ability to wholesomely devour the devil; in the swirl of Omnipotently golden flames,

And with great Power; comes the great responsibility of keeping the Almighty Lord's planet; just the way it was; when he had marvelously evolved and perpetually created it.


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