Growing up


Throughout the early life, you are told stories

about how the world is good,

dreams come true, and magic happens.

It requires love, time, and effort;

however, anything is possible.


You grow older slightly and

the world is not the same as it was

and things have changed you from then.

It requires money, time, and effort;

however, anything is possible.


Yet the older you grow the stories change

and the world is worse and uglier,

like a person who thinks only evil.

Your dreams can happen but, 

it requires money, work, and effort;

however, anything is possible.


Finally you are old and the dreams have changed

and everything is different from 

what it was and how it is.

Your dreams are different and 

you are a part of this Earth, one with the system

and cold while you've settled like a clam.

Your dreams may still happen but,

It requires money, work, and slavery.

However, they tell you anything is possible.


- Kameron J. Reiter 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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