Happy in the Face of Fear

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 00:13 -- AginaG

What is fear?

What is it to me?

Fear brings to my fore

Plethora emotions~

Memories of emotions~~

The causes

And the effects.

It is these emotions~

Fearful emotions~

That I fear.  

Feelings of dread~

Panic, suffocating panic

Leaves me strung-out~


For some fearful situation that hasn’t happened,

Won’t happen.

The panic..

The dread..

The fear..

Are the faces of anxiety.

The monster in my head

That I must learn to live with

Every day~


That… Is my one true fear.



I’ve snapped.

Not at once,

But slowly

I’ve decided

To stand up

Against fear itself.


Why should I feel this way?

Why should those I love

Experience their


Feeling this way?

For them, as much as for myself

And the future that I am

So afraid of~

I am standing up.

I am standing up~

In all of the “right” ways.


And in all of my ways~

Small ways~

Those precious daily reminders

Of what happiness feels like


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