Hard Times

In times of despair, I sit on my chair and chase down the poison.
The sip of this liquor will make my pain go away quicker.
My eyes are poor, they want to cry, but its value runs dry.
My head is dizzy, my stomach is fizzy.
I drink to forget but I can’t help but remember
My strong feelings burning like an ember.
I hit my head against the wall, hoping to drop and fall
All in all, I’m dead and gone.
That’s it I’ve lost, sadness has won.
I dig deeper to find my emotions, trying to capture it still
But alas, to no avail how far gone is my will.
I find myself yet it seems to be meaningless,
All my sins, all my crimes, how can I redeem this.
I hate what I do, no matter how much I try
I end up feeling like all I do to live, is just to die
Hope is gone, I still think it lives, but my heart knows it’s dead
Yet I wonder with my broken head.
I can’t think straight, the life of pearly gates
Oh well, life in this hell, sadness in many different states.
The pain is strong but I can’t feel it, there’s nothing left to do but to smirk and drink it.
Here on my chair with my poison, I take my stance and let the noise in.
I can’t really hear, but she’s calling me, my dear.
I keep running away, motivated by fear but screw it all, the End is near.
Meet me in the end, that’s where I’ll be. Walking amongst the dead, peacefully.

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