He Wrote It For Us

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 22:43 -- wammy18


Y.O.W.O--You only write once.

For this life is like the footsteps in the sand and time is fleeting,

so you must live with the rhythm of your heart’s beating.

For what is the thum-thum, thum-thum besides the rat-tat-tat of your breathing?

So in essence it’s morse code and your pulse is the literature of your being.


Because our being, our being, our being is in the word.

As we make our way we hope someone will see our covers and look inside.

Read our faces and know we have a story to tell.

Or just pretend our bodies are braille and touch our hearts.

So our being is in the word.


For God spoke it, spoke this, spoke us

To be, and we were

Made us in his image

And since a picture is worth a thousand words

and God made us in 3-D,

We must have a multidimensional worth through the power of the Holy Trinity


He spoke it, we were it

He said it, He wrote it

And that’s all that we needed.

For my faults felt like they were engraved and in stone they were etched ,

 but Jesus said He could shake away the shackles of sin like an etch a sketch


And His word is hope, love, joy, peace, all mixed into One.

That came to this earth in the sacrifice of the Son.

His grace is freely given, and His love has no limits,

Because history, is HIS-story, and now we all can be in it.

He can put away our pain, our sorrow, our regrets, our strife

For death isn’t the wages of sin when He writes your name in the book of life.

For, once we die to self and live for Him, that’s when our story can begin

So now He is just waiting for you to give Him the pen.

For your body is the pen, your blood the ink in this story called life

So choose Jesus now, because when you’re the writing instrument, you can’t write twice.



Royal Blood

So this poem is amazing and im gonna share it with everyone!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Thank you very much. Your feedback means a lot.


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