Heartbeat Melody

Music is my lifeblood

It’s everything I am

My soul is made of music notes

My heartbeat is a drum

My ears are full of melodies

That no one else can hear

I’m ensnared by rhythms,

A willing captive to song

When I first met you

I already had a song in my ears

A familiar tune I loved

With a beat I counted in my sleep

But then you met my eyes

And the melody changed

I heard a different song

Unlike any I’d heard before

The tune itself was faint

I had to strain to hear

It was like the volume on a radio

Turned down to a whisper

My internal rhythm

Was knocked out of time

To match to drumbeat

That I felt more than heard

I couldn’t hear all of it

But I longed to do so

To turn up the volume

And memorize your song

The more time I spent

Getting to know you

The more I found your music

Lingering in my ears

You were a melody

I just couldn’t quit

And the best part is

I didn’t want to at all

The tune I heard so faintly

Became my new favorite song

And I count your rhythms

To calm my racing heart

Now we’ve created

A sweet new duet

Our songs are entwined

In a unified harmony

My soul is made of music notes

My heartbeat is a drum

Your song surrounds and enfolds me

Your rhythms make me dance

Our tune is beautiful

Our rhythms pulse in time

May I have this dance with you

While I sing along?


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