Twisted knots of wool rubs and burns against my wrists

Darkness floods my vision

Hearing voices, but my ears cannot adjust to thier language

A cold, sweaty palm touches my bare shoulder

Darkness fades, and colors are shown

Blurred silhouettes glare at me

I turn to listen to the agony screams of a young woman

Turn back to stare at the lifeless bodies dangling from hooks

Witnessing a woman organs being ripped apart without mercy

Silhouettes are visible and approaches me

His hot, moist breathe guides a stream into my nostrils

Then he whispers "Your Next"

Death has no mercy on me

I shut my eyes, so I would't witness my body turn inside out

Finally my eyelids spreads

I was standing in a field of flowers, it felt like an oasis

The cold breeze smelt of honey

My eyes followed a girl, frolicking in a bed of tulips and lavenders

'What is this place?" I demanded an answer

I couldn't help the fact I have seen this woman before

She was the women that was being torn apart

"Your in Heaven"

I gasped in joy for my pain and suffering was over



I write poetry everyday to express myself

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