Hello world this is me

Sun, 12/07/2014 - 20:29 -- bugaloo


we all deal with trying to fit in

with the way we dress or feel

everything that people say seems so real

yet one thing about me that makes me strong

is that no matter what I'm my own song

I write the music that makes me, me

even if people try change me

saying why do you wear that

why do like that

I'm unique that's all that matters to me

I may not have their same style

but who cares about all that

I don't and I won't

 my style is me

my personality is me

so why do people try to change the way others see them

when they should be comfortable in thier own skin

that's one thing that's flawless about me

I tune out the people who just don't see 

I put on what I want to wear

and I don't care about my hair

slip on some radom shoes

take a step out the door

look froward to whats in store

and say

"Hello world, this is me and I'm ready for today!"





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