Help Me Reach That

I lived on people's shooulders during parades or tours or anything really important to see.

I was always (and still am) in the front row for pictures.

Store managers would crack a smile when I asked them to help me reach the peanut butter on the second to top shelf of the aisle.

When someone else was getting made fun of, it was easy to turn it onto me;

The butt of every joke.

The short girl.

The vertically challenged one.

The one who is older than everyone else in her class and still an inch away from hitting 5 feet.

A few inches I will never gain to be considered "average."

Those few inches haunted me for years. I let them control me and taunt me because I believed for so long that I would gain them. I stood tall and wore heels and tried to fit in. I didn't want my height to be noticed.

But then I came to an awakening when I realized I'd never grasp those stupid inches;

I WANTED to let my height define me.

It made me different.

I didn't want to fit in because what is the fun in that?

When others would crack a joke about it, I'd laugh along and add onto it. It's funny because I can't help it. It's funny because, well, look at me.

I have learned so much about strength and courage and independence with my height. I have to find ways around obstacles by myself that most people can easily conquer. I don't let people bring me down.

I have filled my glass half full instead of emptying it out half way. I have changed my attitude to a much more positive attitude. My life is fun and my challenge of height is a huge part of that. I like to make people laugh and that makes me happy.

If it weren't for people bringing me down, I would not be as strong and happy as I am today.

So many people helped me reach that.

My height and size is flawless,

And that has led me a nearly flawless life I get to live.



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