Help Me Stand

A chair can stand with only 2 legs.

A mouth can be fed with only one hand.

Birds can chirp, but never sing a song.

We can live, but never on our own.

What ties me and you, is what ties my body:


It’s what courses through our veins;

What brings us together.

Family is blood.

It ties everyone together;

Gives each lying soul a purpose,

And a body to grow from.

Family is glass.

What is now a clear clean square of melted sand,

Can crack with the slightest pressure.

When that crack gets hit again however,

It grows into a shatter of smaller cracks;

Each line connecting to the next;

Each being related to the source.

Problems do not occur to one being

As just like the glass, it travels back to the root.

That same root is depending on you.

Family is scarred.

It is what stays with you that makes you related.

You all share one another’s pain,

As well as each other’s pride.

They lean on you just as much as you lean on them.

But no matter what

They are forever imprinted in you

Because we are a part of you.

They are your family.

I. am. your. family.

My chair can’t stand with 2 legs.

My mouth can’t feed itself with one hand.

It is your hand that must feed me;

Your leg that will keep me standing.

You are my glass window;

You are my scar;

We are together;

We are connected,

And you are my root.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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