Thu, 06/12/2014 - 18:41 -- hillsbg

When I awoke, on a cool autumn day,

When the sun was bright and her eyes were gray,

I saw the end that would soon be bestowed,

Upon our hearts, comparable to an unforeseen bode,

Without the love, and the mindless stares,

I truly saw no soul that hers could compare,

With beauty brings pain, and her agony was vast,

Through the clear and through the fog she made beauty last,

When I awoke, on a cool autumn day,

When the sun was dull and her eyes were gray,

I witnessed the life of a helpless soul,

Wonder away through the fog,

Reaching death’s goal,

In time and in patience, we all draw near,

To the questions that we neglect along the paths that we fear,

With beauty sinking into a depth with no measure,

We come to fear what we will continually treasure,

When I awoke, on a cool autumn day,

When the sun was dark and her eyes were gray,

I closed my eyes and I began to pray,

To someone I did not know and I could not see,

But everyone knew that he was He,

He had her, as our time was lost,

I sat and I wondered,

Is this the cost?

Do we know that what we fear,

Is something that we will forever hold dear,

Dear to our heart,

Conquering our mind,

Love is never lost,

Never left behind,

When I awoke, on a cool autumn day,

When the sun was gone and her eyes were gray,

Her memories were mine,

Our time was shared,

She was the something,

That was something rare,

In my mind I sit and I wait,

For what is not coming,

But it will not be late,

The key to these memories,

And these thoughts so pure,

Are bounded by the love that we fear to endure,

Only when it is gone,

Will you then understand,

Love with a heavy heart,

Love with a gentle hand,

When I close my eyes for a calm, peaceful sleep,

There is something there and it keeps me weak,

Her eyes were gray,

And her heart was mine,

I fell forever,

And now it was time,

I talked to Him,

Because he was He,

My eyes filled with tears,

And a smile came across my face,

No matter where she was,

It was a better place,

Better than the earth she once walked on,

Heartless and filled with disgrace,

Not only me,

But the world as well,

We were all bettered,

By her path through this hell,

I wiped my eyes,

Held back my tears,

Slowly stumbling over all of my fears,

The tears rushed back,

As I came around,

I stood ardent on this hallowed ground,

What I thought was me and me alone,

I saw something more,

And felt at home,

I looked up to plainly see,

I saw her,

And I was free.





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