In Her Shoes

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 14:30 -- Bm777


Drowned in silence. 

The razor pressed against her wrist. 

Hesitation and full of tears. 

She gave into the pressure

Slowly slicing away into the layers of her skin.

The searing pain running through her body was incredibly  painful

But in comparison of what they had done to her...this pain was nothing. 

The thoughts began running through her mind in a frenzy.

She wondered what she had done wrong in order to deserve this.

She bothered no one. 

She was just being herself.

A shy yet gentle girl who always kept a smile on her face.

Now pushed to the point of exhaustion and mental instability.

The teasing. The hurtful things they said on a daily basis. 

All began piling up into to the state in which she is now.

But especially what they done to her...

The day they set her up.

Chased into the darkness of an alley.

Being spat on...and beaten.

"DIE!" "Someone like you doesn't belong here in this world!"

Shortly after they left her... covered in blood, bruises, and tears.

She laid there for a while, drowning in her tears.

Eventually she regained her strength and made it home.

Where she began her end to her pain.

She began feeling lightheaded.

Everything became blurry.

She was losing too much blood.

And she began leaving the world as her eyes were slowly closing.

And they closed.

Leaving a limp, lifeless body lying on the cold, hard floor. 

It was her outlet to the suffering.

What had she done wrong?

What gave you the right to judge her... torment her...make her suffer?

Because she was different...? ...'Cause she was happy...?

Because she didn't bother anybody...?

'Cause she was a sweet girl who wasn't anything like the people who treated her so harshly?

Those people are monsters... Heartless. Cruel. Ugly on the inside.

Who feel the need to bully innocent people in order to satisfy their egos.

My heart saddens that people are like this in this world.

Because things like this actually happen...suicide and bullying.  

And it needs to stop. Bullies cause people to become afraid of living.

As they are constantly harrased, physically and/or mentally.

A precious life that was taken away so easily... that could've been so much more.

That had been taken away by the cruel harrasment of people who bully.

Please stand up against bullying and make a difference. 

You could save a life from being taken away from this world.


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