He's all i got

Dad gone since I was young.

I'm 18, but do I even know how to be a man?

Never had a role model.

Maybe I should look to the rappers who pop bottles? 

or look for security through the porn stars on the computer screen.

Tears and Tissues like a darma scence.

Angry st the world as a teen.

Scratch that as a kid!

Suspensions, office visits, and detentions

was the way I acted out to get attention. 

Teachers said I lacked apprehension. 

Doubted once again.

Caught up in my sin.

Can't even trust people who love me the most?

It's like butter that can't trust being put on toast. 

I close myself up because I don't want to get hurt.

Dang I should just write insecure on my T-Shirt. 

Dreams and aspirations that I feel like is a fluke.

Then God told me "I'm your Father"

like he was Darth Vader and I was Luke .

Can I get grace for all the times I fell?

My story is one hell of a story to tell.

Let me be blunt no pot head.

I'm an emotional wreck who's trying to be led.

The only one who can lead me is the one who conquered the dead.

Jesus I need you, and I give you the fight that keeps me in a knot.

You are all I got.  





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