Hey Teacher

(Best read aloud in an upbeat rap.)


Hey Teacher,

Could you grab a pen and paper?

I’ve got something to say

And it cannot wait till later.


can title it “Being a Senior Sucks”

Cause I’m getting kinda swamped

& I ain’t getting any luck

You assign us on the daily

Like 4 hours of work,

Meanwhile I’ve got deadlines

Out the ass I’m gonna go berserk.

I’m an Advanced Placement kid

So I ain’t getting any sleep

So if I doze off in class

You can read it & weep

So I’m sorry if my essay sucks.

You see I’m tryna get into college

So you can lock me up

For all I care I’m just trying to get that full ride

So I can start making bank

And rise up in the industry

So high

Phew, hah.

Thank you Teacher.

You can sign this To the Culprit,

I hope you like it when you read it. 


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