Hidden Mask

I ask calmly

Fear hidden behind serious lips

And dry cheeks

As I pretend I have swallowed

A thousand butterflies

Of joy;

That they carry with them


Not foreboding

And you lather me

In a security blanket of words

Promises and compliments

That wrap around my heart

That only cover the fears outside

And I get my answer

Not in the poetry of love

Spilling from your desperate lips

But from the contradiction of your


A dance that does not match

The song you sing

You have only ever had time enough

For the company of two

My time came and went

During a soft spring shower

With light drizzle

And warm embraces.

Now the storm has arrived

And I must face

The raging wind –

The pelting hail


Drenched in giant drops

Of Sorrow

Hiding behind a plastic smile

I begin to unravel

Your security blankets

And replace that barrier

With an army of bricks

For I must learn

To become my own


Else I drown

All alone.


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