The Hidden Truth

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 17:28 -- mdpratt

Relief is sought with a knife.

The cold sharp blade cuts the skin.

For a moment life is forgotten, and relief felt.

As blood drips down tears finally take hold


Feeling so hurt and alone,

no one can see the pain,

hiding inside an unhealing heart.

They see the illusions of happiness.


The illusions look like the real thing.

Smiling and laughing with friends.

If you took a closer look and listened closely,

maybe you would see the truth crying out.


Scars hidden where nobody can see,

some of them may never fade.

Full of shame when seeing them,

but, can’t find a better way to get relief.


When tears won’t come

another cut is made.

Nobody hears the silent cries

when the scars are made.


It doesn’t help in anyway to hear,

“You’re life is so great,

I don’t see why you feel this way,”

instead it causes internal strife.


What does help the healing?

A listening ear and a shoulder to cry on,

accountability with no feeling of judgement.

Try to understand life is hard.



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