Sat, 02/28/2015 - 14:39 -- kattp97

In the mirror I always see a face,

A face who I think is full of disgrace.

I’d hide the flaws and impurity,

With foundation to seal my security.

I’d use mascara to blink out negative thoughts,

And eyeliner to carefully untie the knots

Of how insecure I really am.

Honestly, sometimes I don’t give a damn

About what people think of unfinished faces,

Or pimples and scars and large noses and braces.

Strip away the makeup on my face;

There’s something more beautiful that one cannot replace

It’s the quirkiness, the courage, and the love that I carry

My confidence, not lack of makeup, will be overwhelmingly scary

To people who underestimate my pride.

Soon, I won’t ever need to hide

behind some makeup or a filter that overbears my power,

Because I am a strong person; I am a blooming flower.

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Our world


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