High School Zoo

Attending high school is like going to the Zoo.

For instance, the bathrooms distinctly remind me of the elephant’s cage…

And math is endless, like the North America exhibit.


Animal watchers assume the animals love having it easy, being hand-fed,

Though their instincts tell them they’re meant to do more.

High-schooler watchers assume We don’t care,

But My instincts tell me I’m meant to do more.


So much opportunity for knowledge is wasted,

Trapped in too-long study hall.

So many observations wasted

Because animals become active after hours.


Zoo keepers know the animals’ necessities can’t be thrown in the cage


Teachers should know smooth synthesis can only be accomplished

with routines and procedures.


Unlike the animals, however, through the power of our words,

We, the Students,

 have the ability to communicate our desire for change in our schools

 for a Brighter Future.


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