In the Hollows of my Mind


In the Hollows of my Mind
By: Carmen Cooper
The window of my mind opens to a world of dreams
A doorway that I would know to keep shut but I keep opening it
As much as I want to understand the happening of now
The weight of me can’t be held
My unbalance with the outside is not equal
I am confused
The paths that are made out to be right go left
Everything is foreign
Nothing makes sense
In my mind the shadows don’t stand over me
I tower above the lands and present myself
The truth is pages don’t turn like that
The passage way leads else where
Reality bites back in lust
You only want your name to be on the entry list
The deep puzzles of the labyrinth twist the ending game
There are no instructions for how to be
The inner circle I force my way
Bleeding the lies and paying for them
Society strings me like a puppet
I follow quietly with one foot dragging
The invisible hand I have not yet slapped away
Holds me upright
The hollow of my heart is a crossword
The paths it wants to follow suffocates me
The long prospective of infinite possibilities
Keeps me guessing
Symbolic gestures that will eventually mean something
What I see in the broken images of my once vivid memory
Pieces of faint illustrations competing for my interest
Black and white contrasts of fallen dreams
Darkness trying to befriend me
Reality no longer exist
Scientific reasoning has no relevance
The waiting and not saying
Anticipating and concentrating, for what?
What am I really trying to say?
These dead cells that are thriving to come back to life
Swimming around making hasty decisions
Are giving up because nothing makes sense
The life that I’m living
The false air I am breathing only makes matters worse
For that the being I am trying to be can no longer see what is in front of her
Reincarnation is only a dream
The biology of life it seems
The starting point of forgiveness and moving on
The warm embrace I hunger for
Inside my dark mind I lie asleep
Waiting for the next time I will see my eyes open
But all I can do is dream
My sweet escapes from realty
The agony and the pain that inspires me to be better but from this point I have yet to become
I do not understand world that my mind creates
I long for more answers


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