Am I bothering you?
Does the love that I have for my beautiful girlfriend, stiffen your heart?
Does it make you shiver that the genuine love between us is very much real?
Does it disturb you that I firmly kiss her in front of you?
Is it crude if I hold her clammy, soft hands to warm them?
Is it weird if I comb her long, flowing hair with my careful hands to brush out a knot built up from the winter winds?
Why do you consider it different if we were a man and a woman?
I would not be bothering you?
The love between us, it does not stiffen your heart?
Our genuine love does not make you shiver?
It doesn't disturb you when we firmly kiss?
All if we were a straight couple?
How could you think so wrong of something that feels so right.
The looks that people like you point in my direction, they shoot darts of shame into my soul, heart, and mind.
How dare you make me feel ashamed of who I am.
And the words that you shoot at us like bullets coming from an all powerful shotgun,
they impale everything in me.
Crushing me.
But I do not retort back.
I am too wounded to even speak a word
I hope one day, as you and your children are sitting on the sofa,
a very "uncomfortable" scene in a movie that you strike as "inappropriate",
comes on the screen,
of two same-sex people who are in love.
And I truly hope that your children watch in awe and think,
"Now how beautiful is that."
And if that will not show you how true and pure same love can be,
I have no idea what will.


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