I just want to get something off my chest,

all the qualities  that make me stress,

like why my mom is so depressed,

and studying for the ACT test,

hoping I can beat the best.


I'm only 17,

wishing I can make it out of Chicago.


Welcome to the city where brothers kill each other because of jealousy and clout,

everyday most teens go to the streets because school was not the route,

or go to prison where it's only 3 strikes and you're out,

They got charged with 10 counts,

now the judge sentence them 100 years at the most amount,

now they're behind bars  praying that someone hear their sorrow shouts,

and hope that one day they can make it out.


Some teens are brain washed by the government that's corrupt


But not me,

I'm chasing dreams like a trackstar at a meet,

success is the only thing I want to achieve,

I want to make it upon one of the highest peaks,

and look down and guide the ones who are lost in the sea,

help them get out the water and on to a land that's free,

because giving back to those who assist me is a responsibility,

but first my main goal is to get my parents off their feet, 

so they can live the life that was destined to be sweet, 

and live happliy with the family... that's a major key.

After I leave I hope you remember me.

-Armondo Ruiz









This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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