Hope to the Hopeless

Battle scars and broken armor

That's how I see you

A beautiful soul in a ravaged body

With nothing there's hope, without hope there's nothing

But you're something

If I could, I'd make the whole world see that

You're not cowards, you're not weak

You're crying out with no voice and I hear you.

If I could I would magnify your voice

Deaf ears would hear your plea.

You have a story that needs to be heard

I'm listening

Handcrafted by God, you're beautiful

I don't need to know you, to know that.

So many are hopeless

I come bringing hope.

If I could, I'd open the eyes

Shrouded in darkness, I'd bring them to light

The blade, the glass, they point to the end

You're not ending

This is your beginning

If I could, I'd make the world realize

What we believe about ourselves is sometimes lies

We all mean something

To someone,

To everyone

You matter 


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