The hourglass

Like sand through the hourglass,
As cliche as it sounds,
What if, every grain of sand that falls is a memory lost,
And under no circumstances will you understand the cost

Knots in the walls make the scariest of faces,
Those same walls, I constantly pace,
Searching for the memories erased,
Searching for the happy place

Without fail, midnight strikes, another grain falls,
Another grain falls at the cost of it all,
What if all it costs are the memories lost?
What if the memories are to much to exhaust?

As deteriorating as it is, I'm only 28
I fear I can't escape this fate,
This fate is not what I planned,
I did not plan to run out of sand

If at all possible can I flip it back over?
Where I'm on the right side of the hourglass
Hourglass full of memories and love
Alas, I've reached the greener grass.


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