House of Lies (6.15.17)

"how come you never talk to us? "I'm just a quiet person, i lie.  do you want to go home? no, i lie.  i can't come over because I'm sick, I lie. "wow your dad really loves you"yes I know, I lie.  I'm tired. Tired of pretending. Tired of lying.Tired of pretending that everything is fine.  "You know, you're my eldest, you can talk to me about anything, " he says.Yes, I know, I lie.  I saw the car.Space for their third child but no space for me.  She told meThat I was taking up space.  Everything is not fine. No, in fact, everything is wrong. My life there is wrong.  "When are you coming over? " my sister asks. I don't know. Soon, I lie.  I'm tired.I'm tired of receiving the abuse and trying to act like I don't notice.Tired of ignoring the words that DIG into my skinAnd leave deep marks on my brain. I can't do this anymore.  I can't pretend. 

This poem is about: 
My family