how i love you


inspired by dom hunt  There was never a hour when my thoughts didn't drift because you were always there 
And fill my mind with the immensity of you 
There was never a time of regret
Only times filled with endearment
There was never a dream that wasn't fulfilled 
Or a new dream that many say will never happen
There was never a breath that didn't feel the essence of your beauty
Filling me with life 
Your touch lit my soul 
Till it burned with desire
Your smile captured joy
And spread to all you see
Your eyes shone of exuberance 
Promising things, that you would help me reach
Your body screamed papi touch me
In a way that made me tremble
Your voice entered my core
Echoing sweetness through my veins
All you are, like a harmonous song that spreads my wings Rises and falls within
My heart beats with yours
My blood can feel you 
As it flows to all of me
Filled with you I have become that man who loves you 



This one is very deep and touching. You're a powerful writer. Keep up the great work. 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem is all about loving a person for who they are

thank you for comments

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