How I See God


The trees wave their greetings,
Birds chirp to tell a joke,
The breeze embraces me closely,
And in these things, I see God.

Mountains tower and water surges,
Flowers peek through the concrete that crushes,
Forests hold leaves that whisper,
And in these things, I see God.

Animals with eyes alight and wise,
A group of tracks, hooves and paws, to the riverside,
Honeybees droning by to make sure I’m fed,
And in these things, I see God.

Grass that crackles underfoot,
Like the sound of rebirth from wildfire wreckage,
Each life coexisting as they battle to survive,
And in these things, I see God.

How could such immensity be without a loving attendant,
Every tree infused with a spirit, every leaf jubilant with life,
I will protect these things and stand amongst them,
And in doing this, I will be with God.


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