I Am...

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 15:04 -- clucero

Who am I?

The one to change the world , or the one to help erect the infastructure.

The one to fabricate delicate poetry, or the one to euphamize revolutionary statements. 

The one to stand firmly in the rain, or the one who provides shelter.

The one who transfixes themself upon the horizon, or the one who bores indefinately into the past.

                                                                    I Am Not Who I Choose to Be

I am the perpetual influx of human emotion, the indiscriminate connotation of society.

I am the product of a democratic and republican upbringing, the dichotomy of a transient system.

I am a libertaritan of humanity, a post-hardcore transcendentialist.   

I am the nurtured propogation of the modern adolescent, an insecure entity of secular desire

I Am

Who is one that  is born knowing the extent of their life, an unfulfilled soul absent of passion

Who is the one with the knowledge of existance, an abstract fallible entity

No derivitive of cognition can prepare one for the the essence of life

I am an observer, a solemn child amidst the parent of life

but above all, I am a lost soul perpetuating purpose



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My community
My country
Our world
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