I Am From

I am from dinners
Always surrounded by family
From old stories of favorite childhood memories
Always fun to revisit
I am from the smell of bar-be-que in the summer
And the tree swing and hammock in the backyard

I am from the city
Full of lights and action
Cars moving, dogs walking, people shouting
From bright sun shining down as people express themselves
From paintings and turquoise jewelry
From Albuquerque culture surrounding me. And yet

I am from the wilderness
From quiet moments seized with friends and family
Campfire dinners and sleeping under the stars
From taking time to think in the quiet, cool air of the pine trees
From sticky sap left over after gathering fire wood or climbing trees
And frolicking on the path with pets as we hike or ride

I am from dance
From long nights and endless repetition
From bloody toes and tough calluses
Bruised knees and shin splints and tears
And somehow I pull through
To keep going-always. And yet

I am from dance
The full nights of performances
The applauding audiences and bouquets of flowers
From singing loudly off key backstage and
From sharing eyelash glue as we rush to put our costumes on before the curtain opens

I am from fights
Always worrying that my life will change
What will happen if we go our separate ways
From the feeling of loosing everything,
Even when it's just me who's over reacting
Yelling, shouting, pushing; battling with words. And yet

I am from fights
Which strengthen bonds
From apologies which make up for everything
The harsh wounds opened with words like 'idiot' and 'b****'
Now closed with stitches of 'I'm sorry'
And holding the bond of family and friends together


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