I have a weapon of mass destruction

A weapon that has many left shaken down to the last hair on their body

I am the danger and I am the fear to those who are fearing, I oughta feel cocky


I am looked at as an angry woman that is left to constantly yell at those who irritate me in the slightest

I have the burdens of all the melanin rich women of the time, ain’t that the finest?


The fear has been hit at an all time high

With a newly changed face of America

I am everyone’s hatred and fear personified


I am here to tell those folks

I am not my ancestors

I will fight back so put down your guns, knives, and ropes


I look at you and you look at me bitterly

My autonomy and strength scares you, that I can see

Since a demagogue got in office, the glass castle called us will fall ‘cause there ain’t never been a “we”


We need to change the way we treat our Black citizens

How we look at our Black citizens

How we talk to our Black citizens

How we live with our Black citizens

How we treat our Black women

How we approach our Black men


I am not passive and this anger isn’t unfair, it is just

Those who drown in privilege, go crazy for power, going off of nothing but lust

After centuries of beatings, lynchings, unfair policies all details kept on the hush

I stand here today saying “I AM a BLACK WOMAN, a COURAGEOUS BLACK WOMAN”


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



This poem is a testament to the african american communities ability to thrive and overcome oprression caused by the white race.

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