I Am That Girl

Blonde hair rests on her shoulders,
Green eyes wink and gaze
If only they could see behind the boulders,
That hide her true ways.
She longs for tendrils of sunlight,
A ray of peace from her Savior
But instead she wears a smiling mask,
Ready for the next academic endeavor.
I am that girl- so calm, cool, and collected
I exude confidence while reading my textbooks
Because I yearn to see the praising looks,
That come from being respected.
But peel back the polished mask and you'll find,
A girl who wants to lay back and just unwind
To see what her God has in store,
letting her not worry so much anymore.
I am that girl who wants to trust God,
Instead of always stressing
I am that girl who longs to be thawed,
Out of her stiff, competitive dressing.


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