I Am Her


By her side
Yes that's right
Where you said you were going be
Where you’re supposed to be...
Where are you now...

You’re her parents
The ones that are supposed to love her
The ones that carried her, made her
How could you not want her?

She is your blood your DNA
What did she ever do so wrong?
Everyday a new dawn

Alone in this world to figure things out for herself!
And all this pain is gain for WHAT if She's losing her health

She played the game , She beat it
She wrecked it
It's hers now , She wasn't never faithful because they needed them to feel where she is coming from
They need to know the loveless life
The painful strife
To feel the knife
.. Cold as she watched the blood run... she's not done

Keyword: I

You could have saved her
The hurt inside you will never know
You say you didn't mean to
she didn't mean to say forget you forget him and forget this life!
Why are you lying, why is she crying, why is She hurt, why is She dying?

You weren't there, and She's the one fighting
Against these people, against these demons, against love, and against herself
The nights She cried, attempted suicide, and you’re out in the streets with your drugs WELL FORGET YOU
While he out you pout, getting these woman pregnant but you act as if everything is sweet
He hurt you ! And in the end it hurt her too
Now She's just like you
She let him beat on her because I thought that was love she didn't know any better !
She was naive
8 watching her best friend die in her arms 2 shots to the chest for a bike... IT’S ONLY A BIKE!
And when she was 11... How sweet it was... Behind a church... She thought she was fine...
Little did she know who was lurking behind
6 years later and she STILL has nightmares...
She's afraid to love ANYONE because no one loved her
To have the only person she ever loved drown...

Keyword: AM

He's gone
And half her heart left with him
She's broken
Where's her role model?
Where's her tutor?
In everyone's mouth she hears her name... She's a hoe she's a “thot” y'all say
When y'all don't know she got touched every day
She wishes she could stop it
End it all finally
She cut and sliced herself so conniving see,
She concealed the pain and hurt under this so beautifully painted mask
You don't know her... 17 years... And living...
Every day she puts on her makeup and smiles
Every night she stays up and cries...
DONT TELL HER... She don't know , she isn’t nothing
She believes in GOD but right now he isn’t present
She isn’t present! Past her fears, past the tears, the devil steers
But she won’t give up… 17 years strong… she won’t give up

Keyword: HER


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