I am Not Perfect


Las Vegas, Nevada
5162 Somerset Dr.
United States
38° 57' 58.068" N, 94° 38' 43.4688" W

I hold my transcript with an air of shock

A 4.4 laying proudly alongside my name

And with head held high, I can prominently walk

Knowing my mask came unbroken and my strength never waned


I began school with ease, receiving honors without trial

It wasn’t till later on it began

The thoughts awoke, the whispers lingered, and hope reached a mile

Then an eon, then a galaxy, then an impossibility that ran


I was diagnosed with Depression, with Anorexia, with cost

Later on, Bulimia, Personality Disorder, and strife

My expectations for a future became lost

And by my own hand, I attempted to end my life


There was never an epiphany of sorts

I just knew what had I to do

My education would always be first priority

And through sickness, I combatted it through


For years I let on a disguise, a farce of achieved perfection

I practiced many talents and acknowledged many A’s

And as I walk from the room, I cry

Because I’m still that scared girl, who found her way

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