I am not your baby


United States

I am not your baby

You did not give me life

I was never your joy

I was never your pride

I am not a dog

I don’t respond to whistles

And shouting, “Aye Shawty”

Will only result in dismissal

You are not entitled

To command my essence

Your disrespectful catcalls

Don’t command my presence

You don’t have my permission

To squeeze on my booty

And while I appreciate

That you admire my beauty

Standing on a street corner

And grabbing your meat

In a crowd full of men

Doesn’t amaze me

Maybe your daddy wasn’t around

To teach you respect

Maybe your mom didn’t take the time

To get you in check

But if you’re a real man

Who wants to attract a real lady

Then I suggest you grow up

And stop acting crazy

You think it makes you a man

When you get up in my face

Calling me bitches and whores

Because I won’t come to your place

You think it makes you a man

Cause you’re stronger than me

You can overpower a woman

That makes you manly?

You can get as mad as you like

Threaten me with a fight

But that will never earn you

A genuine kiss goodnight

My body is not a piece of property

For your possession

So the next time you start to complain

About your oppression

Just think of the sisters, the mothers and aunts

That have been victims of your threatening taunts.

I am not your baby

I didn’t come from your womb

But you may have come from mine

Now please give me room

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